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Why is the tracking empty?

The local tracking can sometimes be missing international information due to the delivery company not updating their tracking info with all information. Usually within a few days the tracking will show information.

Most commonly when a shipment is between countries, the courier might not update the tracking information intentionally. Then when the shipment arrives to the destination country, the local tracking is updated.

Sometimes your shipment might be part of a bigger shipment, and until the mother shipment is dispersed into its individual parts there will be no visible tracking information for that particular tracking code.

e.g. A shipment issued in Denmark and handed over to a courier (not necessary the same as the local courier, not all courier ship between different countries) will carry the shipment to the destination country. During this time the local tracking services do not usually show any tracking information. Once the local courier gets the shipment, the tracking will show the local tracking events.

Sometimes the pre-information about a shipment having been created and inbound is shown as "EDI" or "shipment created", prior to the local tracking information which will activate later once the shipment enters the local shipping network.

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