Due to the ongoing Brexit transition, delays might affect orders made on and after the 20th of December and going forward.

The frequency and severity of the delays is currently unknown, but expect at least a 2-3 day delay on your shipment, even up to a week.
Please let us know if your order is still missing within 30 days of dispatch, at [email protected], so we can sort out a solution for you.

We kindly ask for your understanding in this extraordinary situation and our apologies for any delays and inconvenience experienced at this period of time.

How to cancel an order which is missing payment?

No worries! If the order was interrupted for any reason or the payment failed, the order will not go forward without authorization from you. If the payment information is not updated within approx. 2 days, the order will delete itself automatically.

This is an convenience feature, where in the case of an interruption you can continue shopping without having to create the whole order all over again.

If the order is not sent, and you cannot cancel it...
The order will not be sent unless the payment will be approved
The order will delete itself automatically in a few days
This way you have enough time to update the payment without having to create the order all over again, in case e.g. if your computer loses power in the middle of an order creation

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