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IHF Handball Challenge 12 PC (2012)

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A lot of things within the game have been improved. For example there is a bigger difference between the various difficulty levels, so it's more fun t… Read more

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IHF Handball Challenge 12

A lot of things within the game have been improved. For example there is a bigger difference between the various difficulty levels, so it's more fun to play, especially for rookies. The passing system has been optimized, to that effect the player marks are now more visible. Passing accuracy has been improved for better interaction. A more direct game control eliminates the delay while changing the direction or stopping the players. The three HC testimonials have been included into the game looking almost like their real-life counterparts. Slow motions after hard fouls or special shots have been added as well. After each game detailed statistics for both teams are now available.

If you choose "Rest of the World" in the friendly mode you can now opt for the Handball Challenge World League. All teams of the league can play for the championship in their very own HC World League and play against each other. The Kadetten Schaffhausen, reigning Swiss champion and current Champions League participant, are now part of the game as well.

  • Friendly: More than 90 different teams with their original jerseys can be used for a friendly, for example teams which can't be used for the league, like Montpellier HB with superstar Nikola Karabatic or exotic sides like New York City Team Handball Club.
  • World Championship: The IHF World Championship 2011 in Sweden was replicated with all important parameters such as the groups, the venues, the schedule and the mode including all participating teams.
  • League: The league mode allows the user to play a whole season with a team from one of the two best leagues in the world, the TOYOTA Handbal-Bundesliga or the Liga ASOBAL.
  • Licenses: Official licenses of the International Handball Federation (IHF) including the World Championship, the TOYOTA Handball-Bundesliga and the Spanish Liga ASOBAL, the two best leagues in the world.
  • Shot options: Hip shot, lob, bounce shot, jump shot, special shot animations for right- or left-handed players. Those options make it a more fun game to play and offer the chance to score in different ways.
  • Multiplayer: Up to five players (four gamepads, one keyboard) can play IHF Handball Challenge 12, together or against each other.
  • Tactic Manager: Using the tactic manager during the game a Pop-up display will show set plays and the formation of the defense can be changed as well.
  • Arenas: In IHF Handball Challenge 12 all games can be played in four different and highly detailed arenas.
  • Camera: The games can be played with three different camera perspectives thanks to an innovative camera concept (Neutron Cam - positioned behind the player, TV Cam - positioned at the center side-line, TV Dynamic - following the player in possession of the ball).
  • Personalization: Users can create their own individual player and design him with the help of the customize tool, improve his skills and assign him to their favorite club. If the skill average reaches 60 points (maximum 100) he can also play in the national team.
  • Online-Mode: The online registration offers a lot of benefits for the players - automatic updates, challenging friends in the Training Camp (no multiplayer), skill points saved in a world ranking, improvement of the own avatar with skill points.
  • Training Camp: The training mode is perfect for all rookies. International handball stars like Nikola Karabatic, Dominik Klein and Filip Jicha explain the rules and the control with the help of exciting games. Training games: Fast Break, Hotspot Shootout, 7-Meter-Shootout, 1-vs-1 Defense and Offense, 2-vs-2.
  • Realism: Authentic movements thanks to motion capturing with professional handball players.