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Dead Island Game of the Year Xbox 360 (2012)

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The original Dead Island game with all its updated patches The Ripper: A deadly combination of baseball bat and buzz saw that leaves attacking Zomb… Read more

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Dead Island Game of the Year

  • The original Dead Island game with all its updated patches
  • The Ripper: A deadly combination of baseball bat and buzz saw that leaves attacking Zombies battered and bleeding
  • Bloodbath Arena: Enter the arena and take on endless waves of zombies. Loot XP and items and take them into the main game.
  • Ryder White: Play though the adventure as Ryder White and learn more about the mystery behind Dead Island.

  • A couple flying to vacations of their dreams is torn apart by a plane crash. Take the role of Mike Jennings and find your lost wife. Enter into the dark world of a devastated tropical island plunged into chaos. It's a place where the word "dead" has an entirely new meaning. Face the nightmares and fight for survival. Explore the secrets hidden in the darkest regions that you must have to fight your way through. Survival is your main goal!

    "Dead Island" is a non-linear FPP Survival Horror. The ultra-realistic combat system will ensure that every confrontation is a thrilling experience. Use anything you find in your surroundings as a weapon. Make decisions that influence the entire world around you. Take advantage of opponent behavior and game physics. "Dead Island" is a mix of intense action and a spine-chilling horror in an engaging, strikingly realistic story.

    Ultra-realistic combat impression
  • Intense and amazingly realistic feel during hand-to-hand combat thanks to dynamic moves of the player character and to camera work,
  • Realistic, physical reactions of opponents to being hit,
  • Exceptionally faithful model of body damage, showing the damaged skin, muscles and even bones,
  • Innovative system of targeting and hitting the opponents, giving you precise control and realistic combat,

    Advanced Artificial Life System
  • The ability to take advantage of instinctive behaviors of groups and individual opponents,
  • Living and dynamically changing ecosystem faced with the destructive influence of a spreading epidemic,
  • Realistic and spontaneous NPC behavior,
  • Through your actions, actively influence NPC reactions,

    Non-linear gameplay
  • Explore a vast, open world of a tropical island, also using various vehicles,
  • Freedom of choosing your allies and completing tasks that make you closer to the finale,
  • Player decisions influence the way in which the game progresses, making it a multi-threaded story,
    Hyper Interactive Environment
  • The ability to use all elements of the environment as weapons,
  • A liquid, gas and electricity physics simulation system, which allows you to create your own ways of eliminating your enemies,

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