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Welcome to JBS at Coolshop | Form-fitting, trendy and comfortable underpants, undershirts and t-shirts from JBS.

Popular categories in JBS

  • T-shirts
  • Long sleeve t-shirt
    Long sleeve t-shirt
  • Tanktops
  • Boxers
  • Briefs
  • Socks
  • JBS

JBS — Denmark’s leading experts in underwear

JBS have created good comfort for men since 1938, with their impressive assortment of underpants, t-shirts, undershirts, socks and much more. Despite the high age number, JBS still have the finger on the pulse, and that showed, when the Danish brand collaborated with one of the world’s biggest superstars, Cristiano Ronaldo. The popular collection of underpants from JBS with CR7 print quickly became a bestseller. You can buy them here.

A short history lesson on JBS

It was the founder’s initials that gave JBS its name over 80 years ago. Jens Bjerg Sørensen founded the underwear company back then, one that would later become Denmark’s biggest and most popular. JBS was founded on the following values: good fit, high quality, innovation and individuality. The core values that made JBS get the name of one of Denmark’s super-brands back in 2006. Even though Jens Bjerg Sørensen is gone, JBS today is still family-owned and -driven. That means the core values are still there. No compromise on quality and fit, because the most inner layers should feel best.

Underpants, boxer shorts and tights from JBS

JBS has long been the preferred, go-to brand, when Danish men need underpants. In the selection you will find both long underpants for men that live in the colder climate and need extra warmth. JBS also has underpants with trendy and patterned designs for young and colourful personalities. If you like the classic look, you can of course also buy your underpants in minimalistic colours like black, white and grey. All underpants from JBS are designed to feel soft and comfortable, and you can choose yourself, whether you want your underpants and boxers in tight or loose fit. Many colour and pattern options make JBS appealing for younger and older generations. Whether you like sports-related adventures or just need a set for under your business suit, JBS has the underpants for you.

Undershirts, tank tops and t-shirts that can last in use

Comfort is the secret sauce at JBS. There is no compromise on design, materials or durability — also when we are talking about the undershirts. That is why we strongly recommend that you choose JBS, if you are in need of underwear. Undershirts and t-shirts from JBS are made in lovely materials that ensure maximum comfort. The tank top is ideal for making sure the shirt is not transparent. The long-sleeved t-shirts keep you warm in the cold and work as an extra layer. T-shirts and undershirts protect your outer layer from sweat, since they cover your armpits. All undershirts from JBS have a purpose.

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