Consent for Email Marketing

1. General

Our Newsletter is a service provided by, VAT GB 280 358 106 - Loftbrovej 28-30, 9400 Nørresundby, Denmark.

Coolshop is responsible for the handling of the personal data, which is used to send out newsletters and electronic marketing to you, with your consent. In other words Coolshop is a Data Controller for your personal information. When you visit our website ( and purchase an item, the information is saved to our database and handled as described below.

The personal data we save about you will be handled strictly confidential, and you can at any time change or delete the personal data we have gathered through your Coolshop profile.

You can at any time withdraw your consent through your Coolshop profile.

2. Use of the website and electronic marketing

Based on your consent, Coolshop collects and processes data relating to your behavior on Coolshop, including visited pages, your basket and your purchase history.

The collection happens through your Coolshop profile and by the use of browser cookies, for the purpose of making your shopping experience more personal and as relevant as possible. See our Cookie Policy.

On this premise, we can form a customer profile in order to send you newsletters, product information, and tailored marketing content that is relevant for you.

User tailored content

At Coolshop we want to give you the best possible shopping experience, and the best possible promotional marketing material. If you are logged in on your Coolshop profile, we use the provided information to tailor content for you e.g. through your page view and purchase history.

If you are not logged in on your Coolshop profile, then we use cookies that you have accepted in your browser. You can always delete your cookies if you so prefer.

We only use your personal data to send you offers and tailored promotional marketing, if you have given your consent to it. You can always withdraw your consent through your Coolshop profile.

3. How often will you send e-mails?

You can expect to receive our newsletter twice a week. Our tailored offers are sent when we think they are relevant to you.

We strive to limit our e-mails, and we aim to make sure you will not receive too many.

4. With who do we share your personal data

In order to send you best possible promotional marketing material, we utilize third party software collaborators for data collection and analysis, as well as sending newsletters.

Our collaborators are in full compliance with marketing legislation and GDPR, and your personal data is handled strictly confidential between Coolshop and the collaborators.

5. Disclaimer

We accept no liability for typographical errors and pricing errors, together with price changes in the newsletter. Prices listed on the website are always the current prices for the products.

Products are shipped without a delay when in stock.

We accept no liability for down time and technical complications, which can prevent you from accessing or using our services or from receiving our newsletters.

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Last updated May 23, 2022