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Cyber Monday 2021

Welcome to the largest sale of the year with the best deals.

Cyber Monday


Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday: Buzzin’ offers

Did you not find the offer you were looking for on Black Friday? Then there is a pretty good chance you will find it now. Cyber Monday is a Monday on which it is pretty easy to get out of bed for, as it is the best Monday of the year if you love great offers. Every year, Cyber Monday is the first Monday after Black Friday, and it is on this day that you get to purchase unique offers activated when Black Friday ends: Very special offers that we have been waiting to put online. Cyber Monday is one of the largest shopping days in the world, growing bigger every year in Europe.

Now you get the opportunity to experience the giant Cyber Monday savings right here at Coolshop. The offers are available only for 24 hours.

Cyber Monday Badge: Keep an eye out for it

Our Cyber Monday Badge guarantees the best offers on the site.

  • So, it is Cyber Monday, and you just went through an entire week filled with Black Friday offers. Now you’re going into a new week with brand new offers. Cyber Monday offers. Giant savings on new products are everywhere. Offers you haven’t seen before.

    But how do you find them?

    We have added a little badge on all the products on sale during Cyber Monday. When you’re browsing Coolshop on the 29th of November, you will see our Cyber Monday badge around the website. The badge is your guarantee that what you’re seeing is a unique offer only available on Cyber Monday.

    We will make sure that navigating the website will be easy, so you can find all our Cyber Monday offers without missing any savings: The Cyber Monday badge will act as a helping hand, so that there is no doubt which offers are a scoop.

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What is Cyber Monday?

Cyber Monday is one of the world’s largest shopping days: A day filled with sales right after Black Friday. Cyber Monday began as the internet’s version of Black Friday, since at the time, only physical stores held Black Friday. Internet shopping wanted a piece of the cake, and thus created Cyber Monday back in 2005. Today, both physical and online stores do Cyber Monday and Black Friday.

How are Coolshop going to give you the best Cyber Monday?

Coolshop is going at top speed at the moment. We are in the high season of sales, offers and savings. It is one giant consumer-party, where you save big bucks on selfcare, home upgrades and Christmas presents.We have been preparing and putting together Cyber Monday offers the entire year, and that is in your favour now. Buy all your favourites at crazy low prices.

When is Cyber Monday 2021?

The date of Cyber Monday 2021 is the 29th of November. The rule of thumb is that Cyber Monday always falls on the Monday after Back Friday. The day is placed just before December begins, so it is a great opportunity for buying Christmas presents at low prices.

It’s a great idea buying Christmas presents on Cyber Monday. Read more and discover why.

The whole world has been through a tough time with lockdown and virus. Now we feel the aftermath in many ways. For example, companies have a hard time getting goods. Factories has been closed, there is a microchip-shortage and containerships are lining up. If we boil it down, you might say that Christmas shopping is in danger. And it might be, we don’t know yet.

The only thing we know is that we have been stocking up on everything: Our warehouse has never been stocked with this many goods. But we haven’t felt the demand yet, so we are very excited. It might be a good idea to do your Christmas shopping before everyone else notice, that we might be in a period where everything on the wish lists is sold out.

You are in the middle of a win-win situation, if you do your Christmas shopping on Cyber Monday: you can buy cheap Christmas presents, avoid the Christmas rush and ensure that your loved ones get their Christmas presents. Of course, we ensure that your Christmas presents get to you with our usual fast delivery time.

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