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Welcome to esport at Coolshop

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What is e-sport?

Everyone and their mother knows what e-sport is. E-sport has been moving forward at 500 km/h, and there is no sign of it slowing down. You are probably already familiar with the sport, but if it is still an unknown territory for you, and you would like to know more about why your partner/neighbour/child/grandchild spends so much time in front of the screen, just read more here.

E-sport is short for electronic sport. Professional gaming on a competitive plan, where the competition is either on computer or console. It does not sound very hard at first, but do not misunderstand. E-sport is a demanding discipline, and there are crazy high salaries for the best e-sports athletes.

In e-sport, athletes compete in different games. Games that are usually extremely tactical. Those are games that usually require more tactical training than the gameplay itself. Look at it as an advanced chess game, where, instead of taking the opponent’s chess piece off the board, you get to shoot them with a weapon. On the virtual battlefield, of course. Just like in chess, players need to predict and react to opponent’s moves in order to always be one step ahead.

How did e-sport get so popular?

“Why are you watching other people play games?”. It is a usual comment, when we are talking about e-sport. Imagine that football suddenly had become a popular sports branch in the last few years. Would it then sound weird, that someone is watching 22 men running around on a grass field and kicking a ball? We think so too.

If you are interested to get the best of both worlds, it is also possible in the e-sport world. FIFA, like the sport itself, has gotten more popular on the professional scene in the last few years. The best teams from all over the world battle on both Playstation and Xbox for a prize pool of 100.000$. A pool that rises every year. Denmark is fighting to be the best, and we are high on the rankings.

The biggest scene at the moment is, without a doubt, CS:GO (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive), where the Danish Astralis is dominating. Every year CS:GO Majors is held, which is a fancy word for “world championship”. 2018 Majors in London had over 1 million viewers. In the past, only the computer industry was in the e-sports, but in the last years, many football clubs have also jumped on board. Clubs like FCK, Schalke 04, Valencia, Manchester United and many more have already formed teams in FIFA, League of Legends, Call of Duty and, of course, CS:GO. If this is still not exciting enough for you, the big odds-sites have made it possible to bet on e-sport. It is always extra nerve-wracking, when the monthly salary is at stake! 

Do you want to play like the professionals? Buy your e-sport equipment here

The world’s best e-sport team in CS:GO, Danish Astralis, is sponsored by Turtle Beach. It is headsets, keyboards, mousepads and mice tailored to hard, competition-driven e-sport, where you cannot afford the equipment to fail you. Here you will find all the strong brands in everything you need to start: Corsair, Logitech, Razer, Roccat, DON ONE and many more. You will also find great merchandise and gamer chairs, so you can be comfortable. That’s important!

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