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Coolshop point

Because we like to spoil our good customers, we will give you points for every shipment. The points can be used to reduce the price of any order, when buying products at Coolshop.

It works like this:

1) How to EARN points: When you shop at Coolshop, you automatically receive points on your account 22 days after the order has been dispatched. Click on “My Account” to see your points-status. The points are exclusively for your account, and cannot be transferred to - or used on another account.
Note: You do not earn points when buying gift cards.

    2) USE: To use the points, you have to click on ”Use my points” on the checkout page. When you do so, the payment basis will change on the order, on which you have chosen to use your points.

    Please note that points have to be used before purchase / payment.

    3) Final price: The minimum price for any order is always 1,0 GBP.

    Example) Your order costs 4 GPB, and you have points worth of 5 pounds. You can only use points worth of 3 pounds. The final price for the order will be 1 GBP, and you will be left with 2 pounds worth of points to be used on your next order.

    Example) The item you want to buy costs 10 GBP, and you have points worth of 3 pounds. When you use points, the price will be reduced with the total value of your points. The final price for the order will be 7 GBP, and there will be no more points left to be used.

    NB: The ratio for points is 100 points = 1,0 pounds.


    If you choose to return a product or cancel an order, or you need to return a defective order on which, you have used some points, these will be lost. Therefore we recommend that you only use points on products in stock. Be aware, that we reserve the right to change the value, the expiration and the redemption on points at any time.

    The expiration date on points is 6 months from the day, when you receive them.

    Can I earn and use Coolshop Points in Coolshop Marketplace?

    No, unfortunately it is not possible to earn or use Coolshop Points on products purchased from Coolshop Marketplace Vendors. It is still possible to earn and use Points on products sold and shipped by Coolshop.

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