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Playstation 5

PS5 comes out just before Christmas sales, 2020 – join us in the excitement 

Playstation 5


Playstation 5

PlayStation 5 is on the way

New muscles, new design, new controller. Are you ready for a revolution in gaming? Sony has confirmed that PlayStation 5 comes out during Christmas 2020. So you can already write your Christmas wish list. There have been many speculations about the console, but now there are real facts from Sony. Here is an overview of PlayStation 5. It comes with a new controller, 8K support, Ray Tracing, backward compatibility, new installation options for games and SSD storage, which means minimal loading.

  • New insides

    Better graphics, less loading. PlayStation 5 is built with future tech, which makes it possible for game developers to make fundamental changes in the games’ look and performance. PS5 comes with an SSD hard disk, which makes it extremely quick, smooth and energy-saving. When the hard disk was presented for the first time, it took 1 second to start Marvel’s Spider-Man. It takes 15 seconds on a PlayStation 4.

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  • Ray Tracing
  • DualShock controller reinvented

    You will experience a completely new feel of the game with a brand-new controller, when PlayStation 5 lands. The controller comes with an expanded version of haptic feedback. Haptic feedback is basically just a fancy word for vibrations, and those are really improved in the new controller. It will make your gaming experience much more realistic and immersive, and the vibrations with vary from game to game. Wade through the mud in RDR2 and the controller with feel “heavy”. Drive like crazy in NFS and feel the impact in your hands. Feel it in your fingers, when the bullets are flying past you in CoD.

    The new controller also has adaptive triggers for L2 and R2. The normal USB cable is switched to USB-C for quicker charging

  • Ray Tracing explained

    PlayStation 5 comes with Ray Tracing, which gives the graphics a massive push forward. Ray Tracing makes the light and the reflections in your game more realistic. The technology recreates the way light moves in reality. Instead of incorporating “false light” in the game, Ray Tracing follows the line of light in the game; millions of light particles that move and dance with and on the objects in your game. It creates almost photo-realistic experience and it is a huge element of the graphics experience on PS5.

    Go on YouTube to see some examples. It is crazy

  • Hue Partners for Bluetooth
  • None
  • You can play your PS4 games on PS5

    Finally! Backward compatibility. With PlayStation 5, Sony is jumping on board. It is confirmed that you can play your PlayStation 4 games on the upcoming PS5, and it might be possible to relive the childhood’s game catalogue from the old games for PS1, PS2 and PS3. According to the new report, Sony is working on a ‘remastering engine’. This is, however, not confirmed yet. Read more here

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