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3D printers are no longer used only in big production companies. Now they also exist in sizes and prices that make it possible to justify buying one to your partner. Whether you are allowed to place it in the living room or whether you are forced to hide it away in the shed, you can now print whatever you want and need. Print spare parts, toys, things for home – the choice is yours, and only imagination sets boundaries. Your partner must appreciate that. If they don’t, you can just print a new partner. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that your partner will agree with you on the purchase, but we can give you discounts and quick delivery.

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3D printers for home

Even though 3D printers have existed for a long time, they have only become more common during the last few years and have become something everyone can have at home. At the same time, 3D printers have become quicker, cheaper, more precise and smaller. It is easy to find a 3D printer that fits on the desk without having to sell two children and a kidney to pay for it. Panospace and Danish SpiderMaker make 3D printers for home use in high quality, great design and for low prices. Just like with a lot of other things, there are 3D printers in many different forms. Some 3D printers have pre-programmed parameters that make it easy to connect and start it up, without having to set it up perfectly. Others are made without pre-installed settings. These 3D printers require more work for the user but open up for more possibilities if you want to create a unique project.

Only imagination sets limits

If you can think it, you can 3D-print it. A toy for the kids? 3D-print it. New toothbrush holder? 3D-print it. Home decoration? Christmas decoration? A lunchbox? You guessed it. 3D-print everything. Design your 3D print in the program that is relevant for your 3D printer, and print. It is that easy. If you are not born with a creative gene but are still interested in 3D-printing, that is no obstacle. Luckily, there are people out there with such an impressive imagination that it is almost too good to be true. Many of these people have been so nice as to share their 3D prints with the world. A quick search on the internet will get you several thousands of templates, designs and ideas for your 3D printer. It is so easy that even children can join.

3D-printing on the school schedule

Before, woodworking and crafting were a bigger part of the school schedule than now. With the times changing, schools have been following up. 3D-printing is a part of this development and schools in the whole world are about to take that into consideration. Not only is 3D-printing a big technological step forward – it also gives endless possibilities to create tools and reserve parts for everything from home use and instruments to plane reserve parts and prostheses for the medical industry.

With a 3D printer in the classroom, you do not only give the students a chance to learn the technology – you also give them a whole new way to learn things. A 3D printer gives students a chance to express themselves creatively, in a way that has never been possible before. They can challenge creativity on a design platform to then see their design come to life through the 3D printer. As a teacher, you can 3D-print a brain, a planet or maybe a plant, and get the students’ attention by letting the, have the things in their hands, while they learn about them.

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