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Black Friday 2021

Welcome to the largest sale of the year with the best deals.

Black Friday


Black Friday

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Dear super shopper,

Black Friday 2021 starts on the 26th of November 2021, where Coolshop will become one big amusement park full of insanely good deals.

We are giving discounts on the coolest electronics, the most entertaining toys and the newest gaming releases, and we could go on… SO WE WILL. You will also find offers on skincare and makeup, the most stunning home décor and the craziest gadgets. If there’s anything you need, there will most likely be an offer on it.

Black Friday 2021 is the biggest opportunity of the year to treat yourself and your loved ones, and we are so excited to present our Black Friday deals to you

We got a taste for it now and we want more.

We have broken records after records the last few years with incredible Black Friday parties. And this year, we are taking it up a notch — we set us a goal.

Black Friday 2021 at Coolshop will be the best sale of the year for you with the best Black Friday deals. You will get the most amazing offers on the internet, and we promise, you will be happy and satisfied with the whole shopping experience: before, during and after.

No lie, we have spent this whole year collecting great Black Friday offers, so you can buy your fill. These offers are spread over all categories on thousands of products, and of course, you get free shipping on everything. Write this in your calendar; we are incredibly excited to welcome you to Black Friday 2021 on Friday the 26th of November at Coolshop.

Black Friday Badge: Keep an eye out for it

Our Black Friday Badge guarantees the best offers on the site.

  • At the time of writing, Coolshop has over 26.000 products, but we made it easy for you during Black Friday, so you don’t have any issues finding the best deals.

    When you are on our website during Black Friday, you should keep an eye out for our Black Friday Badge, which will be on all of the products that are a part of Black Friday. This Black Friday Badge is a guarantee that a product is a part of the campaign and is therefore discounted dramatically.

    We will make sure that you can easily find all of the incredible Black Friday deals, so you won’t miss the discounts. Black Friday Badge is just a little extra help, so that there can be no doubt that these are special discounts.

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- What is Black Friday?

Black Friday is the biggest shopping day of the year in the western world, and it kicks off Christmas shopping.

The sale has its roots in the 1960’s, and since 2005, this day has been the busiest shopping day in the US. You have surely seen the impressive and, at times, insane pictures of discount-hungry people that take over big shopping malls.

Black Friday has been widely accepted here as well, and it is now also a recurrent sale online.

- When does Black Friday 2021 start?

Black Friday 2021 starts on Friday the 26th of November 2021. The sale starts already at midnight on the night between Thursday and Friday.

Black Friday always happens on the first Friday after Thanksgiving.

A good rule to remember for Danes and the rest of the countries that don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, is that Black Friday is always on the last Friday in November. Black Friday lasts 24 hours.

- Which date is Black Friday 2021 on?

Black Friday 2021 starts on Friday the 26th of November, at midnight.

We are starting early with Black Friday Week on Monday the 22rd of November, where deals are introduced for the first time. These deals are removed when Black Friday comes, and are replaced with exclusive ones.

- What does Black Friday mean?

There are many theories on why it is called Black Friday.

One explanation is that the red numbers on the net income turn to black, so from deficit to profit. Another explanation is that the name comes from the traffic chaos that happens in America, when the roads get painted black with people and cars on their way to catch some deals.

  • Which are the best deals on Black Friday?

    How do you define a good deal? High cost savings percentage, right?

    In order for a deal to be included in Black Friday sale, it needs to have some weight to it, and all offers in the Black Friday campaign have a high cost savings percentage. If you choose Coolshop as your shopping spot for Black Friday, you are guaranteed the greatest deals of the year.

    All savings are calculated in relation to the market price.

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Buy Christmas presents on Black Friday and save a fortune

It should not come as a surprise that Christmas is coming once again, but we are still always late with shopping. That’s why we are making a friendly service announcement.
Buy your Christmas presents on Black Friday and save big. This is an opportunity to find all of the dream gifts while staying within the family’s Christmas budget, and there is a high chance that you will find an offer on the exact thing that your kid, father-in-law or wife wished for. You just need to keep an eye on it. It is also perfectly fine to buy Christmas presents for yourself.
Research shows that shoppers have Christmas gifts in mind when they shop on Black Friday. This is especially true for women — they think economically and use the huge sale to buy Christmas presents for cheap — and, as we all know, women are smart. Do like women.
If — contrary to expectation — you regret your purchase, you can return your items up until the 15th of January. We are not saying it’s smart; it is downright genius!

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  • The best Black Friday deals on PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch

    It’s no secret that Coolshop likes to have gaming deals.
    If you are on the hunt for new games and consoles, you should really make sure you keep an eye out for Coolshop during Black Friday. We have prepared a huge party full of deals, and you get to be pampered. We will make extra effort when it comes to PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch this year, so you can save a fortune on your gaming gear.

Now, we know what you are thinking.

What about the new consoles? PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. Unfortunately, we cannot reveal anything just yet, but we can tell you this much: gaming is our top competence, and we are really good at making offers.

    Coolshop is your go-to website, when you are searching for gaming offers during Black Friday. We are so excited to welcome you

We are filling up our warehouse with Black Friday offers, but it is on a first come, first served basis

We all know that extra special offers and limited offers sell out extremely fast.
Experience from earlier years tells us that when we put the low prices up on the website, it goes crazy. We don’t want to stress you out, but we need to really emphasize this: stay sharp.
The most important advice is to keep yourself updated. Black Friday is a day where everything goes wild, and where offers are being swept off the shelves. Many offers are “only as long as stocks last”. So you need to be ready to click, when the fantastic deals go live. You can keep yourself updated on our website, social media and livestream (which you don’t want to miss this year).
This year we spent even more resources on delivering the best service, the greatest entertainment and the best deals. This means that everything culminates in an even better and crazier experience for you when Black Friday begins on Friday the 26th of November

  • Which categories and products will be on offer at Coolshop?

    Coolshop has many amazing categories filled with everything you need in everyday life.
    You will find the newest and most entertaining toys, the best skincare products, a great range of home décor, the craziest electronics and tech, movies and TV shows, the silliest gadgets and everything in between.

All categories will be filled with Black Friday deals, and you will no doubt find what you are looking for. Whether it is for you, your loved ones or Christmas gifts, we got it covered. We will make sure to provide the best Black Friday deals across all of our categories. There will also be lots of new releases and bestsellers on offer specifically for Black Friday.
    Our goal is to keep you satisfied through your entire shopping experience: before, during and after.

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Cyber Monday: In the unlikely case that you did not find what you were after on Black Friday

As we all know, the sale season is just around the corner, and Cyber Monday follows suit just after Black Friday.

Cyber Monday begins on Monday the 29th of November, just a few days after Black Friday, and the whole Coolshop will be filled with new deals for this specific sale day. You should not miss it, and that’s why we make sure to mention Cyber Monday here.
Cyber Monday started as a response to Black Friday, back when it was mainly held in the physical shops. Cyber Monday was the online shops’ response to Black Friday. Times are changing — and now Black Friday also happens online.
You get the best of both worlds, and we are excited to reveal all of our Cyber Monday offers on Monday the 29th of November.

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  • How does Coolshop ensure that you get the best Black Friday?

    The fighting spirit is stronger than ever!
    Black Friday is the biggest day of the year for Coolshop. It is a special day that brings lots of web traffic and a day that we prepare for the entire year. Many employees also sleep at the office the day before, so we are ready at 00.00, when Thursday turns to Friday. It is a day full of high energy, fun activities and the best deals.
    There is no employee that stands still in the days leading up to Black Friday and on the day itself. It is days like these that we get excited for. We love it, and we hope you can feel it.
    We do everything to give you the best Black Friday. We are prepared for everything. Our buyers have been collecting exclusive offers for Black Friday the whole year. Our IT department makes sure that the shop stays strong through the day and that you will not experience downtime or queue on the page. Our customer service is ready to lend a smile and a helping hand the entire day, and our marketing department is ready to give you the most entertaining show ever.
    We are grateful that you are choosing us for Black Friday, and we repay you with the craziest Black Friday in the history of Coolshop. Get excited for Black Friday 2021

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