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Singles Day 2023

Self-indulgence and crazy deals

  • Singles Day
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The deal-creating machine is open for everyone – single or not!

Singles Day is traditionally held on November 11th. 1-1-1-1. (single, you know). The date was chosen as ’number 1’ looks like a solitary Chinese character: Because yes, Singles Day started in China – way back in the 90’s – to pay tribute to the singles. Today, it is a day where you can do something special for yourself and indulge yourself, whether you are in a relationship or not: We want to help you with that. That’s why Coolshop is going ALL IN this year with Singles Day deals that can actually make a change. If we look globally at the shopping phenomenon, Singles Day is actually bigger than Black Friday.

We’ll embrace that statement – hang on.

Singles Day Badge: Keep an eye out for it

Our Singles Day Badge guarantees the best offers on the site.

  • At the time of writing, Coolshop has over 26.000 products, but we made it easy for you during Singles Day, so you don’t have any issues finding the best deals.

    When you are on our website during Singles Day, you should keep an eye out for our Singles Day Badge, which will be on all of the products that are a part of Singles Day. This Singles Day Badge is a guarantee that a product is a part of the campaign and is therefore discounted dramatically.

    We will make sure that you can easily find all of the incredible Singles Day deals, so you won’t miss the discounts. Singles Day Badge is just a little extra help, so that there can be no doubt that these are special discounts.

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How crazy is it going to be?

Are you looking for an easy and satisfying shopping experience? Good news: Singles Day is extended at Coolshop this year, and we're stretching the great deals from the 9th to the 15th of November. We've learned from previous years and optimized our range to make this period extra special for you.

Our goal? To present you with a carefully selected assortment that will bring joy, without overwhelming you with too many choices. We've dedicated time to prepare a range that appeals to a broad spectrum of interests and needs.

So why should you consider shopping at Coolshop between the 9th and the 15th of November? Because we have deals that are simply too good to miss. We're committed to making your online shopping as pleasant as possible. Click onto Coolshop during this period and experience the fantastic deals for yourself. Are you ready to fill your cart? We look forward to welcoming you online!

What is Singles Day?

Singles Day is the world’s biggest shopping day (globally bigger than Black Friday), which started as an alternative to Valentine’s Day: A Chinese shopping day where singles could “drown their sorrows” in impulse purchases and great deals. Today, Singles Day is for everyone: Single or not. In all its simplicity, it is about being able to buy good products for a low amount of money.

When is Singles Day?

Singles Day always falls on November 11th. 11/11. One-one-one-one. That is one of the reasons why it is called Singles Day. The number 1, you know. Furthermore, the number 1 looks like a solitary Chinese character. It looks like this: 单. It probably makes a lot more sense to the Chinese than it does to us…..

Why is it called Singles Day?

It all started in 1993 at a university in China, where a young man created an anti-Valentine’s Day: A day where focus was turned to singles and how they could treat themselves with great deals and discounts. The special day quickly spread to the surrounding universities, before eventually joining forces with all of the shops. In 2009, the world’s largest trading portal Alibaba also joined the journey. The rest is history.

What is Coolshop doing on Singles Day?

If you are chasing great deals and offers, we will make sure that you will only need to chase those amazing deals one single place on November 11th. See you at Coolshop.

  • Which categories and products will be on offer at Coolshop?

    Coolshop has many amazing categories filled with everything you need in everyday life.
    You will find the newest and most entertaining toys, the best skincare products, a great range of home décor, the craziest electronics and tech, movies and TV shows, the silliest gadgets and everything in between.

All categories will be filled with Black Friday deals, and you will no doubt find what you are looking for. Whether it is for you, your loved ones or Christmas gifts, we got it covered. We will make sure to provide the best Black Friday deals across all of our categories. There will also be lots of new releases and bestsellers on offer specifically for Black Friday.
    Our goal is to keep you satisfied through your entire shopping experience: before, during and after.

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There's One Really Good Reason Why You Should Buy Your Christmas Gifts on Singles Day

The one reason is obvious: You'll save a lot of money if you shop for your Christmas gifts on a day like Singles Day, where all our categories go on sale, and you can buy popular items at a cheap price: Both for your children, your partner, and your mother-in-law.

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  • Singles Day: A warm-up for Black Friday

    It’s no secret that autumn is synonymous with sale days: you know, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, the Christmas gift race. Nevertheless, it all starts with Singles Day, which kicks off the show and biggest shopping season of the year on November 11th, with extremely low prices and huge savings: We can call it the ‘offer-season’, being entirely the party of the consumer: Now, it is time for you to be indulged, and we’ll happily do so. We look forward to these days as much as you do – and just as written earlier: You can look forward to chasing offers and shop on Singles Day at Coolshop. It’s going to be a party.

What is Coolshop doing to give you the best Singles Day?

We join the fight – again!

Singles Day has finally risen in Denmark, and we are looking forward to it! Singles Day is an anniversary where we are going to have a lot of visitors. If you are one of our visitors, we promise you that you will not be disappointed. Earlier this year, we made a strategic decision to give it a go, and therefore, we intend to keep that promise and go ALL IN.

Not a single employee will rest during Singles Day: It is days like these that make us smell blood in the water. We love it, and we hope you can feel our passion toward, not only this day, but every other day where we can indulge you. We are doing everything we can to make sure that you will have the best Singles Day ever.  

We are prepared for everything. Throughout this year, our byers have collected exclusive offers for exclusively Singles Day. Our IT Department will ensure that the website works perfectly the entire day, and you will not experience technical crashes or queues on our website. Our customer service is ready to give a smile and a helping hand throughout the entire day.

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