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Sewing machines

Big selection of sewing machines in the highest quality

Low prices on sewing machines in world-class quality

Are you taking up sewing? Maybe you already have your skills honed for sewing machines or just beginning? In any case, you need the right machine, before you travel to the world of fabric. We have gathered the best sewing machines on the market, so you can buy it online and get the best price. We deliver all the sewing machines straight to your door

Buy your sewing machine online at Coolshop

When you buy a sewing machine at Coolshop, we guarantee you:

·      Low prices

·      Free delivery

·      Day-to-day delivery

·      The best models on the market

·      Safety and security when you shop at Coolshop

Do you also have the urge to be creative?

No doubt that sewing and other creative subjects are popular like never before. Whether you knit, crochet or sew, the entire hobby universe is an undergoing development. We love to share our beautiful DIY creations on social media and at the same time send a kind thought to the environment by recycling old materials. Here you see misplaced secondhand recycled sheets and duvet covers being transformed into the most beautiful dresses and shirts.

We have made sure to find the best models on this page, so that you can quickly form an overview of how much money you want to spend and what needs your new sewing machine must fulfill. We have sewing machines in all price ranges that meet all challenges and needs. We offer both the traditional sewing machine, but also overlock machines that sew and cut the fabric at the same time thereby ensuring beautiful, uniform and professional edges.

Whether you are a beginner or experienced, you must first of all assess which creative projects you want to start, and thus your needs. You can choose between a traditional mechanical or an electronic sewing machine.

A mechanical sewing machine is often a little cheaper than the electronic models, and does not require any basic knowledge to get started. Here you are a beginner or slightly experienced, and your needs are typically light repairs to simple creations.

With an electronic sewing machine, you can have all the settings customized with one touch. The price in this segment varies quite a bit, just like on mechanical machines. The price basically depends on the number of sewing programs, functions and setting options. It is simply about need and level of creative expression.

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