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5. Was the payment charged?

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When do you charge the payment?

Coolshop charges the payment when the order is shipped from our warehouse. Orders paid with a credit card are charged item by item basis, upon dispatch.

Debit card payments will be authorized/reserved when the order is created.

In the case you cancel an order made with a credit card, the possible payment reservation will be released automatically by your bank.
Please check your payment card terms for possible payment reservations when shopping online.

For pre-ordering games, please see also early payments.

The receipt you will receive can have a statement "Payment on delivery". It should state payment on dispatch. The message is from the automated system, which translates the word wrong due to the fact that there is most likely time difference between placing an order, and shipping the order. The system sees the actual shipping of the order referring to a delivery attempt, and therefore the receipt will state payment on delivery.

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