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Returning Christmas gifts

Christmas is a lovely holiday, but sometimes it can be one of the busiest times of the year. Therefore Coolshop has decided that you can shop in our store early before the big day, and still be able to return your purchases in case it was not wanted after all – e.g. if someone else in the family bought the same item.

All orders made between 1.11. 00:01 – 23.12 23:59 can be returned up to until 15th of January.

First step: Check if you ordered from a Marketplace seller or directly from Coolshop

Marketplace orders have a letter at the end of the order number,
e.g. 12345678-A, see your orders here.

Read also our terms regarding more specifics about returns, e.g. product condition etc. The items has to be unused etc. and still in their protective wrapping with games, as with normal returns.

Please note: If we receive the shipment after the 15th, you must obtain a proof/receipt of posting from the post office/courier when using this service in order to show that you have posted the shipment towards us latest on the 15th of January.

Naturally the right to return does not apply to download products. Products ordered on the 24th and later follow the normal return right policy.

See how to return.

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